Fear Less, Ep. 4: Why My Friend Quit His Job Because of What Was(n’t) in the Bible

Shane Reichart was met with a challenge. He had just quit his job as the technology director and an associate pastor at Salisbury Church in Charleston, Illinois, and he hadn’t really planned on what he was going to do next. But the good news was that he was following God’s lead, so he felt confident everything would work out.

A few months earlier he was wanting to reduce his responsibilities as technology director so he could focus more on his pastor responsibilities, so he approached the elders of the church to discuss. They told him they wanted him to stay right where he was at, so he then began researching the bible to see who submits to who. If it reads that pastors submits to elders, no problem. But, unfortunately, he could find hardly a thing about pastors throughout the entire book. And that started Shane on the journey he’s on today.

Shane’s heart is for the Church, as he said in our podcast interview. He doesn’t want to be seen as a heretic because he truly wants what is best for her, and after finding out that pastors aren’t exactly biblical, he started to investigate other aspects as we’ve known them. This is Shane’s passion. It revs him more than anything to talk about the possibility of seeing a Church that is truly connecting with God’s intent.

This is the third segment in a series about faith and work. Please take a look at the first two articles, ‘Why We Don’t Need to Find Work That Matters‘ and ‘Why It’s Time To Start Chasing Your Dreams.’

But first, take a listen to our interview.


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