Embarrassmonth: Sending A Text To The Wrong Person

My wife and I were working through some finances. She was still in grad school which always kept a tight budget. We had enough money to do things we wanted but we had to keep our eyes on it. I was budgeting one morning when I noticed several expenses at Jet City Espresso, a coffee shop in Tampa.

I picked up the phone and opened the text application. I looked for Tasha’s name and then started texting. She mentioned a few hours earlier that she was going there that morning. I could see her smiling as she ate a panini, wiping her mouth after sipping her latte.

“Tasha, make sure you’re careful with what you’re spending, you know it’s tight right now. Watch how much you’re going to Jet City Espresso,” I wrote. I pressed “Send.”

A half-minute passed. It passed through my mind that Tasha’s name was at the top of that text message, but it was followed by three dots.

This was crucial. It meant there was more than one person in the text message chain, a group text. I quickly clicked the chain open to take a look and saw Tasha’s name, but also 10 more. Tiffany, Julie, Shannon, Rob, and several random numbers. It was our church bible study group. It was a conversation about helping a neighbor in need, but I suddenly interrupted it with a random scolding.

As I held the phone another message popped up. And another.

“Who’s this?” someone asked.

“Whoa. TMI,” said another.

“Someone sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”

“Sorry. Meant this for another person,” I wrote.