Standing Tall

Good morning, afternoon or evening. My name is Matthew.

I started scaring people in the Spring of 2002. So my parents hauled me to the doctor’s office. He scribbled up a note that said I was in the middle of an acute mania stage. Treatment brought me back down to earth, but not without some bruises. I rolled around in a muddy ditch of depression for the next five years.

In 2006 I found Jesus and slowly opened the doors of my heart to him. Along the way came healing from depression, but it’s like quicksand, the deeper we sink the harder the struggle gets. So pulling my way out took a while, but by God’s grace I escaped.

What to expect

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I write about mental illness, particularly bipolar, anxieties and depression, but at the core of my writing is the tight rope balancing walk between fear and faith. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar I was told to grin and bear it, I’d have that beast for the rest of my life. Overcoming something like bipolar or depression makes you look at challenges with new eyes. This blog is about that. I now see the world from a new perspective and I share that perspective here.

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